Saturday Night.


4am, just in the door. This is the first proper night out I have had in months and my god it feels good. The confidence you get from wearing a dress and heels is like no other. Yup sounds exaggerated but it’s really not.

As me and my best friend were our shaking our groove thang, we couldn’t help but notice how young everyone around us was. We are only 28 but in the clubbing world that’s past it, but do you know what the funny thing is? I’m totally fine with that. I’m happy that I’ll have a hangover for days because it was worth it and I’m happy that I won’t be able to walk properly due to the muscles strained from dancing…heres to being a late 20’s married woman! Usually I would be sad that I wasn’t ID’d or that I wasn’t the youngest cutest thing out there but instead I was looking forward to a kfc and back to my own home to get into pjs and straight to bed.

Half cut and eating a kfc as we speak. Have a great weekend and no matter what age…enjoy yourself.



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