The day of rest.

Don’t you just love a lazy Sunday? There’s just nothing better.

The sun is shining so that always helps and no work tomorrow, even better.

This week has been filled with work and job hunting as the situation isn’t getting any better and I just can’t deal with the dread feeling anymore that’s associated with working in that building. So I apply for jobs…lots of jobs and I either don’t hear a thing or it’s rejection, after rejection. Really brings a girl down. It’s another week so hopefully an employer will want to meet with me. I have a BA, 12 years work experience, good customer service experience, manager experience, VM experience, office experience but still no call backs! What are people looking for? Superhuman? Marvel character? Well it’s definitely not me, so trying to stay positive.

Anyway just going to keep my head up and not stop searching. Something has got to come up…doesn’t it?

But here’s a wee snap from earlier. My outfit choice is an oversized cos jumper, vintage Burberry denim jacket with leggings and pumps. Perfect for this type of day!



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