Here we go again.

Back to work which means feeling terrible. I had such a broken sleep last night due to my anxiety and this morning is no better. I woke up drenched in sweat and feeling sick to my stomach…it’s still not passed.

I don’t know how much longer I can put myself through this. I just want to burst into tears and believe me I never used to be like this.

I wish I could call in sick just so I can get myself together but anymore absences means HR will be monitoring me (never good).

I wish I could quit, just hand in my badge and walk out but I can’t do that either, unfortunately bills don’t care about how I feel.

I just feel trapped and struggling to get free.

I need to try and keep my chin up but it is so much easier said than done.

To anyone else struggling and having a bad day, you are definitely not alone. Right now I am finding it hard just to get to my front door and leave my house, it’s almost putting me in a panic.

I just hope I can get through this week without feeling this way.




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