It’s been a while.

It feels like forever since I’ve done a post so here’s an update.

Work has been difficult and I decided to discuss with my manager about cutting my hours down or changing shift pattern as I need to do something. It’s still to be confirmed so let’s hope something comes from this.

In the meantime I am looking to apply for a PGDE in teacher training and to start next year. I have been towing with this idea for years and always put it off. I need to achieve a maths qualification (which I never got in school, I am definitely no Einstein) so I have been doing an online maths course in the hopes of taking the exam and passing before my teaching course begins. It’s nerve racking to think of going back to higher education after all these years and to not work. I’m going to be anxious about an income, paying the bills and generally living…I really need to see how much it will all cost me. I just hope it’s worth the risk and really hope it’s something I’ll be good at.

After meeting up with my teacher friend last night she said she would assist me in writing my personal statement and what “buzz words” to use…just reminds me of being in my last year of school and deciding what uni course to take and I chose that wrong! So please let this be the right decision.

Other than that my life has consisted of the gym, seeing my lovely friends and trying to figure out how much crimbo is going to cost me this year. Thank goodness I have a few hundred quid kept aside to help, without that people would be getting IOU’S.

It started snowing last night which is making me feel more festive and my friend was having a clear out and she gave me a bag of awesome winter clothes!! Such a good idea if your skint, ask your friends if they are getting rid of clothes and get in there.

Heres my outfit today. I don’t care what anyone says when it’s freezing I love getting my uggs on! Too comfy and cozy. The jumper was from my friends collection and I’m obsessed with burgundy at the moment, so thrilled she gave me this. And of course classic skinny jeans.

Have a great hump day! Xoxo



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