Well my optimism for job hunting is grinding to a halt. My dear friend who was trying to get me a job at her work has informed me they are only looking for part time so I won’t be able to do that and another banking job I went for just told me no. So in total I must have had over 50 rejections from companies these past couple months. I’ve tried to stay positive but it’s not happening anymore. It’s draining me and making me think what’s the point in wasting my wifi on these applications?

So after my weeks  holiday is over its back to the job that makes me ill as I haven’t managed to find anything. I just feel disheartened.

But my holiday has been great, must needed. Went on a day date yesterday which was lovely. Cocktails and lunch on a Tuesday afternoon, don’t mind if I do!

My mums back from New York today so I’m getting ready to meet her, which always cheers me up. Mums know what to say when you’re going through a rough patch.

Heres my outfit of choice: dress is from tu at sainsburys (doesn’t look it right?) the A-line shape is a god send. My bowler hat is from topshop and my t-bar shoes are from Clarks. I do like this outfit choice.


I hope everyone has a great Wednesday xoxo


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