What a mentally draining week this has been. It’s only Thursday but I feel like my mind just can’t concentrate on work or anything remotely serious. It feels like the anxiety is a big dark cloud ready to turn into a thunder storm.

I’m trying to keep my mind and body active and positive but it’s feeling like such a struggle.

I’m back on the job hunt and going to make sure that I’m really trying to find something that suits me but it just seems that when I find a “perfect opportunity” something will get in the way, like no I don’t have a driving licence and no I have 6 months experience not 1 year. I suppose I really thought by now the rejections would stop and the interviews would begin but nope back to square one. I hate feeling lost and not good enough, I constantly talk down about myself and just can’t stop. I don’t tend to talk about these thoughts as I come across as such a positive and happy person but the majority of the time it’s just for show. But I’m talking about it here and that really helps.

So I’m going to try and get some more blog posts up about my number one love (sorry hubby but it’s fashion!) and try to stick to my PMA.

Happy almost Friday everyone



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