Goodbye weekend


So I am currently sitting with two strips of a cut plastic bag stuck onto my eyebrows with brown tape, but I’ll get back to that later.

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night, my long weekend went in way too quickly. So let’s recap!

Friday night I met with my bestie and we ended up going for dinner and drinks (total change of plans) but unplanned nights are always more fun! We had a few rums which is always nice and end up having numerous deep discussions (like you do). It’s our last year of our 20’s so it got us talking about our careers, love life and what our plan is. She has her five year plan down and it’s amazing to be at that place in your life but then I look at me…I don’t even have a one year plan. I’m healthy (ish), loved by people and in love, when did that stop becoming enough? We are told to have our shit together by the time were 30, the silent pressure to have kids begins and it’s as if you have to transform into another person just because you’re a year older? Ridiculous. I say do you, try to aim towards happiness and I mean true happiness and enjoy every moment you are here. Don’t feel you need to start dressing differently or look to buy a property just because society expects that at a certain age. I’ve never been traditional and never will.

It was also great to talk about what I want to do job wise. I thought I would go back to university to study teaching but it’s so competitive and jobs are so far and few between? Is it too much of a risk? Is there something better suited for me? I need to do something that suits my personality and were I am helping people, I mean really making a difference. So I am going to keep my head up and keep searching for my calling!

On Saturday I took the plunge and got my eyebrows tattoo’d. I’ve wanted this done for so long and it was a late birthday present. I am in love with the results.


So if like me you have light/thin brows and have to constantly pencil them in everyday, then I couldn’t recommend this treatment enough. It is normally around £249-£300 for the first application and £75 6 weeks later for a top up which lasts 6-12 months so it is expensive but there’s some amazing deals online, especially on groupon and wowcher. I got mines from wowcher for £90 so a massive saving! The place I went to was called Maes Brows & Beauty on Cathcart Road and she was fabulous. I’m thinking of the time I’ll shed from my morning routine to the money I’ll save on products. Definitely a win win.

So that brings me to the plastic bags. You cannot touch or get your eyebrows wet for 7 days so I had to think of something before my shower!

It’s been an amazing weekend and truly gutted to be going to work tomorrow.

Happy new week everyone!



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