Fluffy Butts

This post is going to be about another true love of mines and that’s my two Guinea Pigs Junior and Gizmo.



I have had these little terrors for just over a year and honestly can’t see myself without them. I don’t think people get that Guineas have their own wee personalities and are such loving pets. Their always happy to see me and are a natural alarm clock!

Last year they were both having health problems, Junior got the all clear in December but Gizzy had to go for further tests and they found a stone that was extremely high risk to operate on, so we had to make the difficult decision to let him live out the rest of his life as comfortably as possible, until he becomes too ill.

That was back in December and I’m thrilled that he is still with us. He has pain medication and it seems to be helping. He had a check up and is a healthy weight and shows no signs of deterioration. We are hoping that he can naturally pass the stone but we won’t know anything until his next X-ray. In the meantime I am staying hopeful and will continue to enjoy his fluffy company.

If anyone has Guineas and wants to share stories, pictures or needs any advice then get in touch 🐾🐾




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