Luscious Lush


Tonight’s post is all about my appreciation for lush products. Not only are they incredible and make you smell like angels, it’s all animal cruelty free.

My hamper includes American cream, Veganese, Retreat, Big, Rub Rub Rub, Snow Fairy, Prince Charming, love soap, heart massage bar and ocean salt face mask.

If you have fine and limp hair like me then you should try Big for your shampoo and Veganese for your conditioner. Big contains natural salt so it’s amazing for creating big volume hair and Veganese is light weight and made especially for straight and fine hair. Combine both and you’re onto a winner!

Now when it comes to body products my all time favourite is Rub Rub Rub. This is a salt based scrub and can also be used in your hair, so a win win! Your skin is smooth and radiant after use and It now comes in a 665g tub, horray! For shower gels there is absolutely no beating Snow Fairy. The smell alone is enough to sell this but it’s just so magical on your skin. The only downfall is that it’s limited edition and is only available at Christmas time so stock up! Every year I buy numerous bottles to keep me going long after Christmas.

So there’s my little review on my favourite lush products. If you have not jumped the band wagon, then now is the time! Anytime I’ve been in a lush store the staff are so friendly and helpful that you never feel out of place.

Can’t wait to get a lush bubble bath tonight!



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