Pamper Day.

Payday means pamper day! I decided to get my nails and hair done today (so overdue).



I love the feeling you get when you walk out the salon feeling like a sassy queen.

I usually go to nailzone in Glasgow for my nails but decided to try somewhere different, I went to Deborah’s Beauty In The City and I was not disappointed. Deborah was great and I loved the end result. I will definitely go back. I used to get acrylic extensions done but I want to give my nails a break as it can weaken them so I now opt for gel nails and I absolutely love them.

My hair is usually cut the same way, a bob with a straight cut block fringe. I find this style suits me and  if it’s not broken then why fix it? If you are towing with the idea of getting a fringe I would suggest getting a shortish side fringe cut in that can also be worn as a full fringe, that way you’re not going all the way! I love my fringe and it’s the one thing that makes me feel like me.

What hairstyle do you love? Are you an acrylic or gel type of gal?

Get pampering ladies!



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