Wedding Fever

Happy Monday everyone!

My phone has decided to stop working and the touchscreen function works for about 10% of the time but not to fear I am handing it in for repair this week. However this means I haven’t been on here for a few days so lets recap.

It’s been a very up and down past few days, it all started when my nephew was taken to hospital as they found a lump and wanted to get him tested immediately. This put my head in a tailspin, the thought that my little dude could be seriously ill just struck me to the core and I couldn’t stop fearing the worst. I found out about the test results two hours before I was due to leave my house to attend a wedding reception. I was told to keep an eye on my phone for any updates and to pray…you know its bad when your mum is telling you this. But I did what I always do and put on a brave face and crammed the feelings so far down that they couldn’t resurface and I continued to get ready for the reception. I got there with my big smiley face, did the congratulations and tried to enjoy my night. I just couldn’t do it, the constant peering at my phone and the tipsier my husband was getting just made me want to get out of there. He picked up how I was feeling and we left early.

We got the results back and my nephew does not have the dreaded C word. They just need to figure out how to get rid of the lump but I couldn’t have felt more relieve when my sister told me it was nothing more sinister. It got me thinking about the poor individuals out there who get that call from the doctor that it is bad news and they have to process so many feelings. It’s horrendous even thinking about it and the anxiety I felt for just those few days is nothing compared to what others are feeling every single day. My heart truly goes out to them.

At the wedding reception it got me thinking about my own wedding which I can’t believe will be two years ago this year. You really do feel so many different emotions and I can honestly say I wasn’t a bridezilla but I felt so anxious when I was getting ready. Even though I have been with Colin for 10 years I was still freaking out, should we be doing this? what happens if it changes everything? will we need to have kids straight away? My head went into overdrive. HOWEVER it was magical, the whole day and night was like something from a fairytale and it couldn’t have gone any better.

We decided to go to Portugal for our wedding as I always wanted an abroad wedding and it actually worked out cheaper. There was only around 20 of us so it just felt like a big family holiday! Lying by the pool on my wedding day drinking cocktails in 30 degree heat was just perfection. I alway get asked questions about doing it abroad so Ill answer the most popular ones!

How did you get your wedding dress over there, including all your holiday clothes? Well I bought a wedding dress box online, it matches the exact dimensions as your hand luggage and can fit a dress, shoes and bouquet! It was a god send.

How did you decorate or theme your wedding? I always wanted to do a DIY wedding and make my own decorations so thats exactly what I did. Just because it’s abroad does not mean you have to pay through the nose for someone else to do it for you. My best friend is a paper artist so she made the table decorations with my colour theme, I bought fake tulips online with light weight jugs to put them in. I also ordered and individually wrapped all my favours and brought along a giant map for everyone to sign instead of a guest book. For me it was all about light weight, originality and flare!

What about your make up and hair, did it not ruin in the heat? Again nothing changed here. Before I left for the airport I made sure to bring my own make up as I wasn’t hiring someone else to do it! Instead of heavy foundation, I opted for Macs lightweight tinted moisturiser and some light powder to keep it in place. I made sure I used my primer as always and that I had eyebrow gel in to keep them in place! Not one part of my face melted. Same with hair, if you pick the right style then you will be fine. I opted for a side messy bun, which worked out great as it kept it away from my eyes and face.

Was it not really expensive? The most common and important of all questions! Now in order to get a good deal you really need to shop around. I looked at numerous countries and venues before I chose this one. You need to think about flight costs for you and of course family and friends, distance..especially if you have any young children in the family and of course weather. Portugal was the perfect choice, cheap flights, 2 and a half hours away and 30 degree heat in June…all boxes ticked. It was time to find venues, I messaged various hotels to see what was the best deal and Hotel Tivoli was my choice. 4 star resort with a beautiful sounding menu, free wine and beer for the entire event and a wedding planner included in the price, result. It worked out under £50 per person and my god the food was out of this world. The hotel rooms we got as a discount for us and our guests and it was B&B with a massive breakfast buffet every morning. I honestly could’t have picked better.

Here are some of my wedding photos to give you an idea and if you have any questions about weddings or want any hints and tips then please do message me.


Have a great week everyone,




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