I’m Back

It’s been so long since I did my last post, but some things have been going on.

I have been having terrible pain in my fingers and joints, so much so that I’ve avoided typing. I finally went to the doctor and after numerous blood tests (all came back negative) it’s been diagnosed as repititive strain injury. This is due to constantly using a computer in work for hours on end. I am off for two weeks which is fantastic but I’m anxious, what if my hands don’t get better in that time and then what?

I visited a physiotherapist yesterday and we got going with an ultrasound and some exercises. I’ve to go back next week and she wants to try acupuncture. She says it works for 8/10 people so is it worth trying? My hands are so sore I suppose I’ll give anything a go.

Other than that my life has been pretty uneventful. I got a bonus from work, but after some retail therapy I’m afraid it’s getting less and less!

I had the dreaded task of Jean shopping, for anyone who has a booty and thighs that touch, you know how much of a struggle this can be. It’s my most feared shopping task as I can’t find jeans to get past my butt or look flattering. But after many failed attempts and trying numerous different sizes and styles I found them….in the most unlikely place. Quiz, yup that shop that always has big fancy dresses which can be OTT. I went in with my mum and saw black skinny ripped jeans, just what I wanted! There was one pair in my actual size (I usually go up one size for jeans so was sceptical) but they fitted like a glove, no muffin top or bulging leg fat, hoorayyyyy!!

I was thrilled and they were only £26.99, my other option was river island who surprisingly had black skinny jeans that fitted for £42.99 but I had to go up a size in RI. Previous to these shops I tried everywhere and the frustration nearly took over. The photo shows the amount of jeans and styles I was trying at one time…..



Those lift and shape ones were the WORST. Could not get past my calves, ridiculous. Didn’t matter what size I tried, they were not lifting or shaping anything.


This is me afterwards, stressed and totally disappointed. I thought my god am I really so huge that I’ll live in leggings forever? But I reminded myself that sizes means nothing and the right pair were out for me.

Don’t let retail therapy get you down, remember it’s all about shopping for your shape and not caring about a number. I’d rather go up three sizes and look fierce instead of looking stumpy and unflattering.

I’ll be posting my other new items shortly.

Happy retail therapy everyone!




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