Spring Time 🌞

Well it’s officially Spring, here’s to beer gardens and less clothing. Like a lot of women I fear the thought of removing layers and feeling so exposed BUT this is the year were I embrace me and wear colour.

I have been checking out the retail shops to see what’s hot at the moment. It’s all about blue shirts and bright colours like pink and orange. Now I’m a goth kid at heart who loves black and dark colours but I’m trying to get better. I might not go full barbie pink but that’s what accessories are for.

I bought a few goodies to get in the spring feeling and I’m happy with these purchases.


This little beaut is from Matalan and only Β£16. I love the shape and length of this, great for coverage and matches with so much.


I am loving the off the shoulder look at the moment! I’m not a fan of having my arms out so these are great if you feel self conscious and want something to flatter you. Another one here from Matalan and for a bargain Β£12. I got one in each colour!


In my previous post I spoke about my quest for jeans, well here they are in all there glory!


So after having two days of sunshine I am definitely looking forward to bright nights, picnics and sun dresses.

Happy Spring Everyone!



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