Adventure Time

A rare thing has happened in Glasgow this weekend…sunshine. Now usually we have sun with wind and little heat but not this time! It was beautiful.

Since it was so lovely my hubby and I decided to go enjoy it and get some exercise also (really trying to increase my gym attendance) so we walked a couple of miles to Linn Park and decided to go a route we never ventured to and ended up walking miles on this nature trail to end up at what looked like a magical little town. It was intense in the heat and I stupidly had flip flops on (possibly worse thing for a nature walk) I honestly thought we would just lie on some grass and watch the world go by! Anyway by the end of the trail it was save to say I was in agony and stupidly forgot water. In other words if you are leaving to walk miles in the heat, remember some water!

Apart from the pain it was wonderful to go somewhere new and really appreciate my surroundings. Here’s some pictures of our journey.




Have a great Monday everyone



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