A tale as old as time ✨

Unfortunately the good weather has ended and hello rain so perfect day for a cinema date with my bestie! We went to see the new Beauty And The Beast and I was not disappointed! I normally hate remakes or sequels of Classic Disney films as I am such a huge fan but this was magical. If like me your childhood was filled with cinema trips to see the latest Disney film or you collected all the VHS tapes then I urge you to go see it.

I decided to go monochrome today as  a summer dress was definitely not going to fly.


I just adore my leather jacket, I would wear it everyday if I could. The top is from Wallis and is perfect to wear with jeans. It’s long enough to cover any lumps and bumps and the stripes are flattering. Make sure to always go for vertical stripes or a mixed pattern, otherwise it can make you look bigger than you are.


Also my new lipstick to add to the collection is from Kiko and Is called “smart fusion lipstick” the number  423. The matching lip liner is “smart fusion lip pencil” and is number 512.

Hope you all have a magical week✨



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