I’m the worst

I am the worst. It’s been so many weeks since I last posted and I kept saying to myself “better do a wee update soon” but never did. So hello again! The reason for being awol is a combination of a few things: being off work with RSI, so I was keeping myself majorly busy so that I wouldn’t get cabin fever and also my job search was taking up a lot of my time but….IT PAID OFF! Yup I got offered a brand new shiny job, I can’t believe it.

If you have read any of my previous posts you will know how unhappy I was in my job. It caused extreme anxiety and made me ill. I ended up being a shadow of my former self and it didn’t matter how hard I searched no company would get back to me.

When I got diagnosed with repititive strain injury I thought great another thing caused by work but I turned it around and thought right nows the time, you need to kick yourself up the arse and job hunt, properly. I can’t believe it paid off and I start my new job tomorrow. Handing in my notice was one of the most rewarding and anxious experiences of my life and walking out that door for the final time just felt like pure relief. I just hope this job makes me feel like me again.

Apart from that I have been back at the gym and decided I need to cut back on the unhealthy food. I am all for curves and body positivity but I have let myself go this past year. New job, new me, new lifestyle! It will be tough but I’m being realistic and healthy. I’m hoping that will boost my confidence even more.

Heres some snaps from what I’ve been up to this past month!

I will post something separate with my outfits as I have been shopping crazy (and my bank account is truly paying the price)

So if you are feeling trapped in your job and can’t see a way out, I completely understand but patience and proper job searching will help. Only apply for the jobs you really want and really wow them with your cv. I was rejected from countless companies so I know how hopeless it can make you feel but you will find something.

Happy week everyone!



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